Honolulu AIDS Walk 2016


It's that time again! Another year just flew by. Join Team RPCVHI in helping Life Foundation raise funds and awareness through the Honolulu AIDS Walk (5k), the largest public awareness event around HIV/AIDS in the islands.

Each year, Life Foundation provides services to hundreds of individuals living with HIV on the island of Oahu, conducts thousands of free HIV tests, and offers HIV prevention education to the community. This year, Life Foundation recognized its 32nd year as the leading provider of HIV prevention and care services in Hawaii, and as a friend and advocate to those living with the disease.

The Honolulu AIDS Walk is not only a fundraiser, but an opportunity for the community to come together to remember those we have lost to HIV/AIDS, and celebrate the achievements we have made in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Since our first walk 25 years ago, wonderful supporters like you have helped Life Foundation raise over 2.5 million dollars through the Honolulu AIDS Walk, the largest public awareness event around HIV/AIDS in the state. 100% of the money raised through this walk will stay here locally and make a huge impact on our local community. Join me and make a donation today!


"In the village where I served, funerals were held every week for villagers dying of AIDS (and AIDS related illnesses). At one point, I couldn’t remember the last time we celebrated a birthday or a wedding because they held funerals so often that the villagers didn’t have enough time and money to celebrate anything else.”

Anna M. Alden, RPCV South Africa 2010-11 and Peace Corps Response Guyana 2016

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