Life Foundation

Burning Posse

Representing the classical element of fire, Team Burning Posse, endeavors to live up to our name. We propose to manifest this element and demonstrate creativity leaving all in her glow to be wonderfully courageous and possessive of a tremendous zest for life!

HIV/AIDS has been at the forefront of health equity and the people that work at our agency are passionate leaders that strive to ensure equal access to healthcare, housing, mental health, and so much more. The work that we do at Life Foundation and The CHOW Project is aimed to getting “Hawaii to Zero” new HIV infections. We cannot do that without the support from the community, whether it is through monetary donations, joining us as we walk, or educating yourself about HIV/AIDS. Take part in helping us achieve an AIDS-free generation.

The Honolulu AIDS Walk is not only a fundraiser, but an opportunity for the community to come together to commemorate those we have lost to HIV/AIDS as well as celebrate the achievements that we have made in this fight against HIV and AIDS.

Since our first walk 27 years ago, it was wonderful supporters like you have helped Life Foundation raise over 2.5 million dollars through the Honolulu AIDS Walk, the largest public awareness event around HIV/AIDS in the state. 100% of the money raised through this walk will stay here locally and make a huge impact on our local community.

Join me and make a donation today!


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