Who is Life Foundation?

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Life Foundation was established in 1983 as the first response to AIDS in Hawaii and the Pacific. More than 33 years later, we remain the largest provider of HIV-related care and prevention services in the island and the only AIDS service organization serving the City & County of Honolulu. We have spearheaded the fight against AIDS all those years and continue to do so with cutting edge practices.

Currently, about 75% of all HIV-positive people receiving case management assistance in Hawaii are helped by the Life Foundation We have over 700 men, women, children, and transgendered clients representing almost every racial and ethnic group in the nation’s most diverse state.

In addition to the level of case management required by their individual situations, Life Foundation clients also benefit from extensive medical assistance with partner medical clinics; housing assistance, meal programs; emergency assistance; hands on services of volunteer home assistance 'buddies program', and financial assistance to help with transportation, utilities, and health related costs. In recent years, a substantial portion of these assistance funds (more than $250,000) has been used to pay for critical dental care.

The Life Foundation also provides an HIV clinical nurse and a treatment advocate to help its clients understand and manage the many challenging side effects of the highly toxic but lifesaving AIDS medications. Support groups to help those living with HIV and extensive counseling for those who newly discover their status are hallmarks of Life Foundation services. Life Foundation clients have reduced viral loads to undetectable levels and dramatically reduce the transmission of HIV. 

Life Foundation’s HIV prevention program is entirely peer-to-peer based and works exclusively in an outreach basis for people who are most at risk for HIV infection. These include young gay men (especially Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders), transgendered people and women who are involved in the sex industry or in abusive relationships with IV drug using men.

Life Foundation offers free HIV testing with results in 15 minutes and free Hepatitis C testing with results in 20 minuntes.

By providing ongoing care, Life Foundation has been able to increase awareness and to aid those living with HIV to ensure a standard of health and to pass peacefully with dignity.

With the advent of pharmaceutical advances, Life Foundation has dedicated itself to helping people live comfortably and healthfully with HIV and AIDS.

In the end we ultimately would love to celebrate heir survival when AIDS is finally banished from these beautiful islands.

If you have any questions about the Life Foundation; would like to receive a free HIV test; o be linked into care services, please call us at (808) 521-2437 or visit the Life Foundation website at www.lifefoundation.org for more info.

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